How I Met Your Mother – Mary Poppins

"You're like Mary Poppins if her magic purse was also filled with drugs...... The kids in that movie jumped into a painting and spent fifteen minutes chasing a cartoon fox. Spoonful of sugar? Grow up."How i met your mother Its funny how Robin just ruined how I see Mary Poppins as a kid and at... Continue Reading →

Mary Poppins

Work, work, work, work, work, your whole day revolves around your work. Too much work can lead to stress and that is not good. Try to find that element of fun in your work. It could be playing some music while writing your research, snacking on some delicious food while reading your papers, or chatting... Continue Reading →

Marry Poppins

"There's the whole world at your feet."Mary Poppins A simple yet perfect quote to start your day. Don't worry about anything else, you already have the whole world at your feet. Just walk your path and give your best in everything that you do and I'm pretty sure that everything will be fine. Be patient... Continue Reading →


Grandmother Willow "Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one."GRANDMOTHER WILLOWPOCAHONTAS Pocahontas has been one of my favorite Disney movies of all time and I love how we see these movies differently once we watched them again now that we have grown up. This quote helps lift up my spirit every time I become... Continue Reading →

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